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  • Recycle waste plastic and incineration ash into artificial stone, Ecology Core, which can be used as a substitute for natural stone.

  • Mixing treatment of all types of waste plastic and RPF are available. There are not any other similar plants that can do this.

  • Ecology Core can be used as a substitute fuel for coke and formation with calorie adjustment is available.

  • NEW-RPF 製造工程
    NEW-RPF Production Process

  • Reprocess RPF impossible to adjust the calories.

  • Ecology Core produced by this process can be utilized as a substitute for natural stone or lime.

  • No chimney is required and no dioxin is generated. It can produce 19-31 tons of Ecology Core per day. It can also dispose of wood waste.

Why is the E-TEC PLANT ?

  • The E-TEC Plant produces Ecology Core as a substitute for natural material. The Ecology Core is utilized as authorized material like paving stones for railways, round stones or gardens, and material for construction and public works.

  • Ecology Core is also utilized as a replacement fuel for boilers for baths and hothouse of agricultural unions, as well as a forming material for blast furnaces and replacement fuel for coal at iron manufacturers.

  • 完全な循環型商品「エコロジーコア」
    Perfect Recycling Product:Ecology Core(Trade Mark)

  • Ecology Core has no influence on environmental hormones different from phenol resin which could be melted because it is produced from all types of waste plastic and uses its characteristics

  • Toxic substances contained in some part of incineration ash have no elution because they are sealed up by plastic resin in micron units.

Features of beautiful artificial stone, Ecology Core, registered trademark

  1. Safty

    • Ecology Core is superior in solidness and sound absorption. It is heat proof and has been verified to contain less poisonous materials in regard to lead, arsenic, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, mercury and copper by elution testing.

  2. ISO14000 Factory

    • The production factory for Ecology Core is authorized by ISO14000.

  3. New Eco Mark-Certified Product

    • Ecology Core is a recycled product of waste plastic by a pollution-free treatment process. It is certified as plastic stone by the Japan Environment Association. (Eco Mark-Certified Product No. 96013036)

  4. Authorized public work and construction materials

    • Ecology Core is authorized by the Environment Agency. Two tons of Ecology Core were used to build a rest house in Shinjuku Gyoen and Sendagaya, aiming to use the durable and recycled material useful for environmental protection.

  5. Incineration ash disposal process

    • E-TEC PLANT can simultaneously mix and melt. Toxic substances like dioxins can be sealed up by plastic resin, therefore, no elution should happen at all.

  6. Fuel

    • Ecology Core can perform calorie control and has the same calories as coke. Therefore, chlorine gas should not be generated at incineration.

  7. High furnace deoxidization

    • Ecology Core can be utilized for high furnace deoxidization of blast furnaces. When using Ecology Core as fuel, much fossil fuel reduction is available.

  8. Disposal process

    • The main use of E-TECH PLANT is waste plastic, but simultaneous melting and solidification treatment for incineration ash, sludge, dust, fuel cores, animal excrement, FRP, FRPT, shell, fishnets, carpets, and more is available.

  9. RDF Reprocessing

    • E-TECH PLANT can reprocess RDF which generates chlorine gas and is difficult to control fuel calories. New RDF reprocessed by E-TECH PLANT is proven for use as fuel.

Production Process of Ecology Core

E-TEC PLANT システム概要図
E-TEC PLANT System Outline

Whole Waste Plastic Incineration Ash・RPF
If waste plastic like X-ray film, magnetic tape and polyester clothes are made from plastic resin, then recycling is available. E-TEC PLANT can reproduce Ecology Core from waste and RDF.
It is called New-RDF that is 7,500 calories. It can be used as well as lime. No dioxin is generated at incineration.
Ecology Core(NEW-RPF)
This is the important point for Ecology Core

●Toxic substances are completely sealed up by plastic resin.

  • Ecology Core has no influence on the environmental hormones different from phenol resin which could be melted, because it is produced from all types of waste plastic and uses of its characteristics. Toxic substances contained in some part of incineration ash have no elution because they are sealed up by plastic resin in micron units.

Mixing/Tempering/Melting Extruder


    E-TEC PLANT EHK-0900
    E-TEC PLANT EHK-0900


  • High speed, high torque, high extruding volume and high extruding presser

  • The deep proven screw design

  • Superior wear durability and heat conductivity by special alloy screws

    E-TEC PLANT 深溝型のスクリュー
    E-TEC PLANT The deep proven screw
E-TEC PLANT Treatment Capability (Productivity)

・Waste Plastic
・Waste plastic + Incineration ash (mixture ratio 15.4% - 20%)
・Waste plastic + RPF (mixture ratio 12 -35%) ->NEW-RPF
※Mixture ratio requires adjustment depending on necessary calories.


・About 19 tons/day
・About 570 tons/month


・About 31 tons/day
・About 930 tons/month

The number of necessary operators

・3 persons including operator and control staff
※For one system

Ecology Core Fuel Calorie Comparison Table

Ecology Core Fuel Calorie Comparison Table

・Ecology Core has proved that iron manufacturers can utilize it for blast furnace deoxidization and blast furnace injection by substitution for coke. When using it as fuel, Ecology Core has the same fuel calories as coke and coal.

・Ecology Core can control calories, so it could become a product superiority to coke, depending on the mixture ratio. It should cause dramatic reduction in fuel costs. Furthermore, it has been paid much attention as a fuel substitution for thermal power plants as well as for fuel for boilers by making Ecology Core into coal powder.

Ecology Core can be adjusted to high calories by changing the mixture ratio. Ecology Core is generally produced in a ratio of 65% plastic and 35% PE.



・Bituminous coal


・Sub Bituminous coal


・Brown coal (lignite)
※One type of coal where the heating power is lower than black coal and much ash remains.


・Natural gas for chemical


・Natural gas used in cities


・Coal gas


・Blast furnace gas


・Lamp oil


・Crude oil








※The number is all the value of calories
Ref: A plan for recycling from coal and soot including poisonous substances exhausted from the thermal plant into Ecology Core is progressing.

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