Compactor Manufacturer for Waste Polystyrene and Waste Plastic Environment High-Tech Ltd.



●Supermarkets, department stores, fishery processors, fish retailers and markets want to dispose of such waste

●The stock yards of supermarkets and commercial buildings are filled with such waste

●Local government, electric retailers and logistic centers have to collect such waste

●Industrial waste disposal dealers, factories, construction sites and recycle centers produce such waste in large volume.

●Local governments, supermarkets, department stores, fishery processors, electric product industries, markets, logistic centers, factories, construction sites and municipal disposal factories worry about the disposal of such waste

●The hotel kitchens, restaurants, fast foods and hospitals, shops, factories, food services, convenience stores, warehouses and other facilities are disposing of such waste

●Processor handlers of such material as described on the right side

・Styrene ingot

・Recycled Pellet





・Recycled material

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